A small introduction

About Us

Aiming to create a new and different approach, mmmcreativemarketingsolutions was established in 2002. Working with Seda va Sima (IRIB) at the beginning, we thrived in producing some successful works which brought about a collaboration with many of the leading brands. Having entered the environmental advertising world in 2003 abd designing and performing successful campaign in this field, mmmcreativemarketingsolutions was able to introduce products and services to clients more than ever. At the same time, with solidifying the digital marketing unit and effective activities in this field, we have been able to achieve a high level of performance and by implementing customer’s successful campaigns satisfy our great customers. In 2012, by registering the club and changing into a company, we removed the obstacles to develop the company’s capabilities, so we can proudly say we work with more than 100 foreign and domestic brands and take firm steps in becoming one of the leading advertising companies in the nation. Signing international contract with some of the world’s leading brands was among our honors, by obtaining certificates and collaboration contracts with large press companies, direct collaboration with IRIB and being ranked fifth among advertising companies in 2015, two three stars in 2017 and 2018, working closely with the beautification association of Tehran, we have become a full-service Advertising Company which conducts all of its services from consultation to implementation in all platforms in the country. By using professional and creative teams and the latest advertising and marketing tools, we also provide the most effective services to the brands.
During our service and activities, we have received numerous advertising Golden Phoenix awards between 2015 and 2018 from the national advertising festival. We have carried out major promotional campaigns, have made many teasers for the largest public and private companies in Iran and abroad.


Mr. Saeed Ahmadi, Chief Executive Officer at mmmcreativemarketingsolutions has a master’s degree in business management in Marketing. After graduation, he became deputy executive director at Sima Pakhsh. Saeed Ahmadi is an active member of The International Advertising Association and has direct collaboration with Markum Pope Magazine. He is also the advertising advisor for several well-known brands.

Graphic Department

Advertising is one of the platforms in which graphics play a key role and many brands in the world, owe their growth first to designers who are designing smart. All client are first attracted to advertising through visual and beauty, thus at the end buy a product, text, slogan or various discounts. Graphic designs and advertising photography is blended with the zeal and excitement of the world and is shrewdly transformed with the help of market intelligence into a powerful tool in expressing and introducing product and services, and exhibiting them far better and more special that what they appear.

Creativity and Ideas

Creativity or creation is a kind of mental process that is responsible for generating new ideas or the connection between ideas and concepts. Faced with ever changing endless and complex challenges, organizations and companies have come to the conclusion that it is imperative to create great ideas if they don’t want to compete with others. By creating unique ideas, the design team at mmmcreativemarketingsolutions is attempting to make your brand more durable in the minds of the client or make signing a contract more desirable. We process you demands in our think tank and in accordance with the principles of strategy, create different ideas.

Strategy, and Research and Development

In general, responding to existing needs is much easier than creating new ones, and perhaps one reason why an idea fails is the lack of recognition of the needs and insight of the target audience. The consumer voice does not necessarily reflect what is going on in his mind. They are not always living in a “logical” state, but an “emotional” one. First, they think but then decide on feelings. Market research reveals many realities and makes the customer achieve the best possible outcome at the lowest cost. Market research shows what business owners and professionals refer to for decision making, identifying goals, and strategic planning, therefore, they need accurate and honest results.

Customer Relations

The goal of all advertising campaigns is to fully encourage potential customers to spend more and use more of the products and services of an organization. In the short term, if targeted advertising campaigns are planned and designed. They have an extraordinary effect on the sale or sale of services or products. Design and editing promotional campaigns requires in-depth research and analysis of unlimited and creative thinking, as well as quick and innovative implementation of new ideas, can multiply the effects of the advertising campaign. After conducting the necessary studies and recognizing the customer’s need, mmmcreativemarketingsolutions designs a promotional campaign. On this path, customers receive a comprehensive plan that includes campaign goals, cost estimates, time schedules, identifying the media used and other mechanisms required to run the campaign.

Teaser Production (Audio and Edit- Motion-three dimensional products)

Advertising is not solely a media presence. The type of advertisement, the purpose, and the message has to be specified. Based on the brand’s choice of media type, teaser production team develops the content. A good teaser is a collection of different factors, such as cost, the use of beautiful and effective images and observation of graphic formatting and principles. Formed with experienced professionals along with the ideas group, mmmcreativemarketingsolutions will help you build and distribute your ads in a creative and effective media for all your needs to be seen better and in the shortest period of time have a lasting impression message in the minds of clients. The media unit also provides scientific and creative advice on how to set up and arrange the contract and broadcast advertisements, providing monthly continuous reports on how to broadcast them, closely monitor the good executive of the commitments by IRIB and the organization towards clients.


National and International Marketing

Marketing is one of the main business areas that is focused on increasing and maintaining current clients and encouraging them to promote and advertise their product. In fact, the marketing process begins even before the customer enters the business cycle and not when the product is ready to be sold. In the first phase, marketing is the process of enthusiastic contacts for product and services, and at the latter stage is maintaining customers and increasing market share. In the marketing process, the brand’s future is created first and after market research and analysis of data, based on strength and weaknesses, as well as finding the threats and opportunities available, the goals and the strategy of the organization are developed. Then the client group is set and marketing strategies are presented. Eventually, the brand identity is created and consistent with a cohesive plan through the IMC Campaign is introduced to clients.


One of the most important issues facing advertisers is to continuously monitor the activities by advertising companies. Since the cost of advertising today is substantial, even failure to show a one day advertisement, in addition to harming the brand’s advertising goals, can involve huge financial losses, which could be a concern for many ad owners. One of the data that monitoring reports can provide for you is the data on competitor’s behaviors, how they perform, estimated budget, time to do a campaign and their advertising quantitative volumes. Monitoring reports are the powerful tools that can be made available to media planner and creativity teams to review their status by developing their strategic goals. We at mmmcreativemarketingsolutions guarantee the brand owners that we will guide their advertising costs in the right direction and gain competitive advantages.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing means the use of digital tools on the internet for marketing services and products. In addition to improving business online, digital marketing is also proper for traditional businesses and an inordinate help in introducing products and services. Through tools such as web sites, emails, social networking in digital marketing, the attempt is to analyze the behavior of users and clients, and after getting the most out of marketing have the most returns. Digital space provides an opportunity to the client to have access to a significant amount of information at any time. With a strategic design, target audience selection and studying digital asset, we try to provide the necessary traffic needed for it and tailor the nature of the brand and the digital platform to the instantaneous analysis of your data.