Our approach considers three key areas; Brand’s Target Audience; The Product and Business Drivers. Studying them allows us to gain insights and build a foundation over what we will create together. We forget about the marketing part until we feel the consumer behavior thoroughly.

Target Audience

Knowing the audience habits matters. What do they do online, what do they read, what are their favorite other brands, what triggers their purchasing behavior? Whether it’s a branding or a sales campaign, we investigate the business drivers that sell the brand. Aligned with the marketing strategy, we develop creative ways to reach the audience. Moreover, the strategy team also prefers to explore previous campaign ROI to find the weak points and avoid repeating them.

2. Media Selection

According to the plan created in 1, a digital media team builds up the media plan with High-ROI approach. Before any web marketing campaign, we prefer to explore your target audience’s ad behavior via test campaigns. We read the statistics and highlight the ads that generate more leads, more views and clicks.

3. Campaign Management

By monitoring the results and feedback from the tests, the campaign to spend the budget as wisely as possible, to maintain the highest ROI and the highest reach possible is planned. Digital marketing campaigns are always monitored on a daily basis which gives us the full control and opportunity to sort unexpected returns out, if any.

4. Digital PR

Boosting the social presence of the brand is crucial to sustain the High ROI advertising strategy. This organic SEO can be done by engaging influencers and third party spokespeople. To stoke the fire and keep the story going, we aim to build long-term fans by creating and sharing blog content, strong imagery, exciting videos to our wide network. The biggest plus though, is the opportunities afforded when digital PR interacts with traditional.